How to Make “WOW”* Use of This Site!

This website is all about healthy real love: the strong, powerful and effective kind.  The kind that changes and improves almost everything.  The kind of love that heals, inspires, empowers, elevates, ennobles, and makes life worth living.  The healthy real love that fixes life’s problems, drives relationships forward and makes the human condition brighter and better.  It is not about the sappy, weak, foolish little things sometimes called love or “just sex”.
Come to this site weekly and you will find new and highly useful information about any and all things that can help you and those you love succeed at life with healthy real love.

Use this site to help solve relationship problems of all types, enrich and inspire your life, healthfully love yourself and others, fill your sex life with love, get over and grow from love life hurts and much much more.  Find on this site the many things that can help you delve into love more deeply and broadly as well as reach for love’s greatest heights.  Think and act with what you find here and you and your loved ones may reap the rewards of love’s many wondrous feelings far more abundantly.  Using what you discover here explore, experiment and adventure with the incredible wonders of both the ancient and the newest love knowledge.

Search into the incredibly useful things that science is discovering about love and the ways it leads to health, life success and relationship harmony.

Tell your loved ones, friends, acquaintances and even your enemies to consult this site often and watch for how lives may improve.

To get started first review Love’s Definition (a working definition of love) and its extremely important components.    Then go on to the topics that ‘grab’ your attention, intrigue you or just seem to apply.  Talk to the people in your life about what you find here and ‘Journal’ your most important love insights, love revelations and love goals.  Do the Growth Exercises to explore your  thoughts, feelings, behaviors and plans for incorporating healthy real love into your life.   Those are some of the ways to make “WOW” use of this site.

*(WOW = Wonder Of Wonders)

Dr. J. Richard Cookerly


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