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What Your Brain Does with Love – Put Simply

November 13th, 2017 No comments

Where your heart resides in your brain and what that has to do with the many emotions triggered by love; your physical and psychological health and your relationship health plus things that get in the way; some important anatomy of your loving brain; from love in your brain to your body; and how feeding your brain love makes you healthy are all presented and surveyed in this mini-love-lesson. Continue reading

Friendship Love And Its Extraordinary Importance

April 24th, 2017 2 comments

The many marvels of friendship love, an example of widely varying emphases on friendship love and its vast importance, friendship love in good and bad times, and evaluating what friendship love may do for your life are given here. Continue reading

Touch Only with Love: an Anti-Violence Tool

March 27th, 2017 No comments

What’s going to replace hitting or a physically violent activity that we want to stop? The answer can be becoming trained, practiced and committed to a ‘Touch Only with Love’ way of acting toward your loved ones and perhaps other. Continue reading

Love Positive Talking

December 19th, 2016 No comments

Many people do not grow up around people talking in love positive ways. If you didn’t grow up in a love positive talking environment you are not likely to have developed speech patterns that are love positive. The good news is you can overcome that deficiency and learn how to powerfully and sincerely talk in love positive ways – but it takes some work. Continue reading

Alphabet Love Test

December 3rd, 2012 1 comment

The Alphabet Love Test is just one of many ways to get a bit clearer and more well-informed about yourself and your healthy, real love strengths and weaknesses. Continue reading