Mission and Vision

The Mission
The Mission of this website is to present the very best wisdom and knowledge about healthy real love that is available so that all people can improve their ability to succeed at love, to love more healthfully and solve and resolve their love relationship problems in all types of love relationships including the love relationship people have with themselves.  To accomplish this the amazing, scientific evidence concerning love will be presented along with the practical knowledge of successful, helping practitioners, the love wisdom of the ancients and the love lore of sages from around the world.  Special attention will be given to presenting solutions to problems in couple love, family love, friendship love, self-love, spiritual love, parent/child love, sexual love, altruistic love and the many other kinds of love.

The Vision
Dr. Cookerly and colleagues envision this site:

  • Offering as much useful love knowledge as possible to as many people as possible
  • Offering quality, practical help for the many difficulties people experience in love relationships in a form which is conveniently able to be practiced
  • Offering ways that people can grow their love potentials to the greatest
  • Contributing to the development of our great human love potential so that our world may be an even better place to live in

Special Note: To help us with this vision and mission would you be so kind as to mention this site to your friends, family, acquaintances and perhaps even to your enemies if you have any and want them possibly to be influenced by love knowledge.


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