Love Goals and How They Can Help You and Yours

The Love Goals approach, which reportedly is helping many couples, is introduced and explained, along with answers to its critics, examples of how it is used and a step-by-step prescription for putting it into your bag of love tools for improving your love relationships. Continue reading

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How Love Works – 7 Basics

Synopsis: Seven major ways of understanding how love actually works and how to ‘work’ love for producing its wonders and marvels are each briefly described. Continue reading

For Longer Life – Love That Which Is Greater Than Yourself

Four major candidate categories of greater than yourself love and their quantity and quality of life benefits backed by research are covered in this mini-love-lesson that might just result in you adding more and better years to your life and the lives of those you love. Continue reading

Touch Only with Love: an Anti-Violence Tool

What’s going to replace hitting or a physically violent activity that we want to stop? The answer can be becoming trained, practiced and committed to a ‘Touch Only with Love’ way of acting toward your loved ones and perhaps other. Continue reading

For Failing Love: Avoid, or Convert, or Escape?

Briefly introduced here are three approaches for dealing with the enormously destructive issue of failing love and how to choose and then get started on each. Continue reading