Self-Love and Its Five Healthy Functions

Self-love dynamics and importance; the five functions via healthy self-love; living with and without functioning healthy self-love; a healthy self-love self exam. Continue reading

No BUTs – A Big Important Little Love Skill !

The subtle and both conscious and subconscious, negative effect of the word BUT on love relationships is examined and a simple, effective cure is described and heartily recommended. Continue reading

Sexual Love Laces

Synopsis: Exquisite love with sex; Opposing laces; why so many problems; understanding your black and white lace issues; aditutuality; the couple who did it well; the rainbow way. Continue reading

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What Your Brain Does with Love – Put Simply

Where your heart resides in your brain and what that has to do with the many emotions triggered by love; your physical and psychological health and your relationship health plus things that get in the way; some important anatomy of your loving brain; from love in your brain to your body; and how feeding your brain love makes you healthy are all presented and surveyed in this mini-love-lesson. Continue reading

Here And Now Love

Synopsis: Mindsets that miss out; examples; here and now ‘distracters’; those good at here and now love; giving here and now love; now for the future; a helper test; Joy and sorrow in the now; training yourself. Continue reading

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