Who Is Dr. Cookerly and Why Should We Listen To Him About Love?

Currently Dr. Cookerly is founder of the Love Skills Initiative, and a, author of books on healthy, real love and over 160 mini-love-lessons assisting readers with a wide variety of love issues worldwide in over 150 countries.

Briefly Dr. J. Richard Cookerly is, was, and has been for decades:

  • A highly successful professional in the counseling and therapy of thousands
  • A world wide researcher into the dynamics of healthy real love, false love and the solving of love relationship problems of all types including love and sexual dysfunction, healthy self-love, the development of strong and lasting couple’s love, family love and a host of other subjects related to love
  • An honored graduate professor, advanced level trainer, clinical supervisor and senior consultant for counselors, therapists, physicians, nurses, religious counselors, educators and other helping professionals
  • An exciting, dynamic, USA coast-to-coast workshop leader, lecturer, seminar director, retreat facilitator and radio and TV talk show guest
  • A published author of professional and lay books, articles, etc.
  • A multinational, inter-ethnic, cross cultural, bi-racial, ecumenical, poly-societal, relational psychotherapist and investigator of love phenomena and practices
  • A broadly trained, richly experienced, well credentialed with high distinction and honored professional
  • A person whose work with love and problems related to love has saved lives, greatly benefited thousands of couples, families and individuals, and who has been an inspiration to many others
  • An exceptionally loving and well loved man.

Submitted by:
Kathleen McClaren, RN, BS
Mental-Health Practice Management Nurse
Carol Anne Darwin, MSSW, LCSW
CCDS III Director, & Relationship Therapist


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